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Learn the Powerful, Shocking, Life-Changing Information
You MUST Know if You Want to Invest, Earn a Fat Return,
And Retire Without Financial Worries…

Economist Milton Friedman proposed a theory for how people spend their money. During youth, they accumulate income and invest that income in assets. As they get older, they earn more and invest more until they reach a peak at retirement. Once they retire, everything they accumulate is slowly spent. To put things more simply-people tend to asess their potential lifetime income and make decisions based on how much they believe they will earn. The ultimate goal is-or should be-to accumulate enough assets to sustain you through retirement. If it isn’t, your retirement will be rough…


Dear Friend,

Are you worried about the imminent financial collapse of the Social Security System? Do you realize that if you’re young now-say, in your 20s or 30s–there’s a very slim chance that you will receive benefits from the Federal government in old age-at least in the same way current retirees do?

If you’re not, you should be. No one is responsible for taking care of your financial solvency other than you. Even the Federal government, which has maintained the Social Security System since the Great Depression, cannot be guaranteed to help you. With a high (and quickly climbing) retiree-to-worker ratio in the United States, the Federal government is facing a serious problem: if they do not reduce benefits on Social Security payments, they will balloon as a portion of Federal spending…

Social Security isn’t here to stay in its current form. It’s a simple financial impossibility.

So what can you do?

No One Will Save Your Financial Future Except You

You could find ways to increase your income. You could go back to college and get a degree. That would open up more job opportunities for you, so your income would increase.

Or you could invest your current income in something else, such as real estate–but you might be weary of market fluctuations. And you may be unfamiliar with all of the processes. In the end, you might find yourself working the equivalent of another full time job to make your investments…

On the other hand, you could take the easy approach, which is simply to put the money in the bank and allow it to accumulate interest. Unfortunately, there’s a problem with this method…

If you open up a savings account, the interest you earn will be considerably less than the value that is lost to inflation. While inflation averages between 2-4% per year, interest earned on savings accounts is often 1% or lower.

You could also consider putting your money in a Certificate of Deposit, but even then, you would earn a return of between 4 and 5% per year, which just barely outpaces inflation.

Clearly, you need a different solution. You need a solution that allows you to invest your income in assets that earn you a passive income-just like Friedman said. You don’t need another job, but at the same time, you can’t afford to put your money in a weak financial instrument that barely outpaces inflation.

There IS Another Way.

And that way is investment. Rather than relying on the government to provide for you (when that is a complete financial impossibility) and rather than relying on an increase in income (which might also be justified), you can take what you already earn, use it more efficiently, and reap the returns of smart investment.

Before you get started, however, you need to figure out how you will approach investment. As with any serious, life-altering decision, you will want to put some serious consideration into your decision.

In addition to learning about the best instruments for investment, you will also want to develop an understanding of investment terminology and fundamentals. While the complexities are probably better left up to a mutual fund manager, the basics are something you could learn in a relatively short period of time.

If you don’t start now by finding ways to save and invest your money in ways that will yield a passive return, you may find out that you are sorely behind the game-not only in the short term, when you need some extra cash-but when you finally decide to retire.

If you’re like pretty much anyone else, you probably aren’t intimately familiar with investment terms and practices. You might also not be aware that earning a stable, reliable, high-yield return through investment is not only relatively easy, but it can also hands-free.

But that’s okay.

My ebook, Investment Basics , is a relatively simple, hands-free solution to that problem.

And by reading my simple, hands-free solution, you can gain the following…

  • The ability to choose between all the types of investment in which you can partake. I will explain the difference between relatively simple things for novices, such as the difference between a bond and a stock; and I will also cover more in depth topics for people who have a better grasp on the fundamentals. The end result is that you will know everything you need to know in order to invest and earn a return.
  • The ability to avoid really bad investments. You might not be aware, but many novice investors fall prey to various types of “schemes” which are couched in the term “investment,” but in reality, only barely resemble an investment.
  • The ability to employ basic strategies for trading. For those of you who wish to day trade or who wish to control your own investments individually, this section will be most helpful for you. It will help you to attain a higher degree of autonomy as a trader, so you can continue to make your own investment decisions-but in a responsible way that will reap a reasonable return in the long run.

Now, once you’ve mastered the basics of investment and the construction of your portfolio, you will want to consider the alternative: allowing other people to do the same exact thing for you, so you can save more time and concentrate on work or your family. This is also something my ebook will teach you to do…in depth.

You will also learn about other investment instruments-including their strengths and weakenesses-including collective investment schemes, mutual funds, hedge funds, dividend reinvestment plans, and annuity investments.

Whether you’re just getting started in investment or whether you’re planning to retire in only 5 years, it’s probably a good idea to begin exploring how to invest.

The best way to do that is to…

Order “Investment Basics” Now

Remember, the faster you begin investing, the more interest or dividends you will generate over the course of your investment career. If you create a dividend reinvestment plan with a mutual fund today, put in only a few thousand dollars, and then allow it to grow for 30 years, that initial amount paid in will balloon into something suitable for a retirement-and all because you invested earlier, rather than later.

You can read the entire 46-page PDF guide in less than four hours-and begin thinking about your new investment opportunities tonight. You can also begin to master the options available to you, so you aren’t caught off guard by retirement. For only [price], you can finally start feeling more secure about your future now.

So think about it-do you want to hope that Social Security stays around until your retirement? Or would you prefer plan for a better retirement without even considering what you “may” receive in addition?

Of course you want to start planning…

To make your decision even easier, I’ve made the delivery process completely automated, which means you will receive my ebook via email as soon as you complete the ordering process.

Warm Regards,

P.S. – Buy this book today. The sooner you invest money, the more money you will accumulate by retirement. The less you invest now, the harder it will be later.

P.P.S – This guide is the best you will find on the market. It’s only 46 pages long, but in only a brief report, it explains everything you need to know in order to get started and even begin earning a return on your investment.

P.P.S – Why continue to delay? Consider this to be an investment in your investment. You can get started today without my ebook and make bad decisions that will ultimately cause you to lose money; or you can get the proper education and begin down the path to financial security.